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THE CHEESECAST WEDGE #6: The Big Stinkies!

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

Kirk and Daine are back in the studio to talk about some STANKY cheeses! They bust out some seasonal cheese news, make moose noises and chat about some more cheese lore before the main event, a tough tasting of three pungent picks!

Thanks to Trevor at Zingerman's Deli for acting as our washed-rind cheese spirit guide and, as always, the Fabulous Sam and her amazing iPad for the cheese lore!

Remember, you can always find The Cheesecast online at, on Facebook and on Twitter and Instagram @cast_cheese!

Cheeses in the Wedge:

Wedge Notes:

- Cheese Brine on Roads // MNN , Wired

- On Bacteria // NCBI , Microbial Foods

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