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THE CHEESECAST WEDGE #12: Can't. Stop. Eating. The. Cheese.

Kirk, Daine and Cheeseboy Zach are back with another addicting installment of everyone's favorite cheesy podcast, The Cheesecast!

For this wedge, it's all about those guilty cheese pleasures we all can't ignore; cheese snacks! Cheeseboy Zach shares his latest research about the addictive properties of cheese which leads to Kirk and Daine dishing the dirt on some popular cheese snacks, where they came from and what they're made of!

So, grab your favorite cheese snack, plop down and get your fix of cheesy news, facts and info on Wedge #12!

Remember, you can always find The Cheesecast online at, on Facebook @cheesecastpodcast and on Twitter and Instagram @cast_cheese!

Wedge Links

Nacho Cheese Doritos

Consumer Reports // Snack Guide // Washington Post // Recipe // Doritos Site // Old Newspaper Ad

Cheese Nips

Influenster // Statista


Frito Lay Page // New York Times // Thrillist // Wired // Kansas City Star

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