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THE CHEESECAST WEDGE #13: Samstravaganza!

Kirk, Daine and the Fabulous Brand Samager, Cheeseboy Sam are back with a proverbial smorgasbord of cheesy history and fun in Wedge #13!

For this wedge, Kirk and Daine finally opened the floor to all the interesting info Sam has been sending their way, so listen in as our intrepid Cheesecasters welcome their new guest and dive in to their cheesy lives, Cheese Monuments, Cheese Tourism and some Shredded Cheese!

As always, thanks to the Fabulous Sam and her amazing iPad and a special thanks to the Brand Samager for her willingness to come on the show and deal with Kirk and Daine! Remember, you can always find The Cheesecast online at, on Facebook @cheesecastpodcast and on Twitter and Instagram @cast_cheese!

Wedge Notes

Cheese Monuments

Cheese Tourism

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