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THE CHEESECAST WEDGE #5: Cheese Hook-ups 1

Kirk and Daine are joined in the studio by Dr. Susanne Lewis, Professor of Chemistry at Olivet College to talk about the science behind cheese pairings!

Does marscapone go with dill pickle? What about cheddar and apple? What kind of noises does Daine make when he tastes disgusting cheese combinations? Why are canned peaches so bad? Listen along as our intrepid Cheesecasters answer those questions and explore those pairings (and MANY more) in Part 1 of our cheese pairing wedge!

Want to play along with our pairings at home? Check out the tasting grid here!

Thanks again to Dr. Susanne Lewis for joining us on the show and dropping some science knowledge and of course the Fabulous Sam and her Amazing iPad for lending her research expertise!

Remember, you can always find The Cheesecast online here at, on Facebook and on Twitter and Instagram @cast_cheese!

Wedge Notes: 

- Curd Burglars

- Kirk's Cheese Lore - 1 // 2

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